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It is much important to provide a peace of mind to our customer in case of need to relocate the accommodation. Our expert team professionally handles the service in a style that gives the customer a sense of luxury.

- Assembling & packing each item based on the client’s needs & matching each item status of its made up material
- Numbering & labeling each item also listed package before loaded.
- Provide warehousing and storage facilities.
- Unpacking the goods, settled each as same as in origin or as per customers preferences.


Fairs & Exhibitions

Interrelated steps & procedures that match every type of cargo all are provided by a highly qualified team. We put our experience in different types of fairs at your disposal import & export. Smooth entrance & quick leave makes are a hidden support for Exhibitors.


Heavy lifts & charters

We have developed a general modelling of a tactical planning of freight transportation. Each shipment, each piece is a unique that we provide a special handling with economical cost in a punctual time. A dedicated team focusing to manage a several involved parties. Flexible enough to quickly make radical redesign of the modifications or variables.



The objective of this work is to giving customers a unique opportunity for investment is demonstrated by the performance breakthrough of combining different means of transport.

Concurrent procedures to guarantee smooth of the cargo transmission between borders by different means. Careful planning with sincere efforts is supported by a powerful to handle & control over thousands of miles. Focus on achieving:

- Reduce cost of shipping / delivery
- Reduce cost of inventory
- Reduce cost of transportation duration
- Enable J.I.T delivery