With over 14 years in the field of Logistics we’re much proud to tell about our success story. While we were an employee, a precious friendship gathered us based on respect & transparency. We enjoyed the years sharing sadness & happiness; day by day we became closer & more related. It was self-agreed to share a bigger part of our life.

We established Vertex Express in 2007. It wasn’t easy at all for an enthusiastic youth to fulfill a steady presence and capture a part in a very aggressive market in Egypt, beside the world economic crisis of 2008-2009 plus other sudden obstacles existed. We accepted challenges, we insisted to succeed. Here another wonderful years in sharing each other weakness & strength times, failure & success. We were much clear, much honest to work by our ethics commitments.

There were a success partners in our Vertex journey, here we highly regard our intellectual capital which is the first success partner. Vertex staff is one of the main factors of achieving aims that we much thankful to the sincere efforts they spent. A Magnificent harmony is obvious in handling the business between Vertex team and our agents. Our valued agents which are the second success partner that we appreciate their support, willing & patience to provide the best for our customers. On the contrary we used to value their business & give great care to them as if we’re an overseas spread company worldwide.


The key element in Logistics industry is the customer who is in our central concern. We put our experience, our efforts and our standard commitments at the spot to serve the customer who is the core concept of the success, adopting the Customer Oriented as our philosophy.

After the years our Plant Vertex Express is well formed, has a brilliant presence in the market with a pure reputation worldwide. Here we do represent Vertex Express as a standard of SUCCSS, standard of QUALITY. For all above we live Logistics as a life style.