Vertex Express has begun its journey in 2007 

Vertex Express has begun its journey in 2007 and through commitment and dedication our company has expanded enormously  to be one of the leading International Freight Forwarders in Egypt. The company headquarter is located in Cairo and have offices throughout major cities and ports in Egypt with over than 150 well trained, motivated and dedicated staff and Managers.

We strive to provide an integrated and professional service to our customers & agents all over the world by working relentlessly over the clock to ensure all of our partner’s needs are fulfilled.
Our services ensure the easy movement of goods with the support of our professional & well trained work force where they put our partner’s interest as a priority by providing exceptional and most competitive pricing along with outmost care to deliver products to its destination exactly on time.

With an in-depth knowledge of the industry and deep understanding of the whole logistics cycle we have granted our reputation of reliability in transportation all types of shipments, 

Our professionalism and integrity led to huge number of satisfied customers and agents which is expanding and growing through time.

Management Letter



Mr. Mahmoud Kassem

General Manager

We established Vertex Express in 2007. It wasn’t easy at all for an enthusiastic youth to fulfill a steady presence and capture a part in a very aggressive market in Egypt, beside the world economic crisis of 2008-2009 plus other sudden obstacles existed. We accepted challenges, we insisted to succeed. Here another wonderful years in sharing each other weakness & strength times, failure & success. We were much clear, much honest to work by our ethics commitments.

There were a success partners in our Vertex journey, here we highly regard our intellectual capital which is the first success partner. Vertex staff is one of the main factors of achieving aims that we much thankful to the sincere efforts they spent. A Magnificent harmony is obvious in handling the business between Vertex team and our agents. Our valued agents which are the second success partner that we appreciate their support, willing & patience to provide the best for our customers. On the contrary we used to value their business & give great care to them as if we’re an overseas spread company worldwide.

Mr. Mohamed Abdullah

General Manager

With over 15 years in the field of Logistics we’re much proud to tell about our success story. While we were an employee, a precious friendship gathered us based on respect & transparency. We enjoyed the years sharing sadness & happiness; day by day we became closer & more related. It was self-agreed to share a bigger part of our life.
The key element in Logistics industry is the customer who is in our central concern. We put our experience, our efforts and our standard commitments at the spot to serve the customer who is the core concept of the success, adopting the Customer Oriented as our philosophy.

After the years our Plant Vertex Express is well formed, has a brilliant presence in the market with a pure reputation worldwide. Here we do represent Vertex Express as a standard of SUCCSS, standard of QUALITY. For all above we live Logistics as a life style.

Vertex Awards

  • Golden star Award

  • Silver Star Award

  • Best Seller Award

Our Vision

Vertex dreams to be “Forefront Middle East freight forwarders”

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the social marketing concept by working relentlessly, empowering our workforce with highly trainings, applying fresh innovative work tactics, utilize ultra modern technologies. That is to achieve a delighted customers & agents, all of that leads to an advanced environment which we are keen to have.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Accountability
  • Perseverance
  • Efficiency
  • Commitment
  • Dedication

Since 2007


Our Story



In 2007 Vertex Express began its success story with diligence & ambition to turn a vision into reality.

June 2016

Airport office

In June 2016, we opened our own Airport office

Oct 2018

Silver star award - PPL

In 2018, Vertex was awarded the PPL Silver Star award.

Feb 2019

Alex office

In Feb 2019 we opened our own office in Alexandria

Feb 2019

Best sales – Africa - X2 Elite

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” In 2019, X2 Elite awarded Vertex Express for the best sales in Africa.

Apr 2019

Best sales – Middle East F.O.R

In the same year FOR awarded Vertex Express for the best sales in Middle East

June 2019

October office

Also in 2019 we opened our new branch in October.

Oct 2019

Gold star PPL

Going above and beyond we received our Gold Star from PPL.

Jan 2021

Moving to new HQ

"Without CONTINUAL growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." Benjamin Franklin. In Jan 2021 we moved to our new headquarter.

Mar 2021

Heliopolis office

In March 2021, soon after moving to a new headquarter we opened a new branch in Heliopolis.

May 2021

Down town office

In May 2021 we had our Downtown office designated for our Sales team.

June 2021

Maadi warehouse

In June 2021, we established our second warehouse in Maadi.


March 2023

GLA Outstanding member


Feb 2023

WCA Best Partner – Africa

About Us

Vertex team is dedicated to provide its accumulative experiences, sustained efforts, contractual and harmonious relationships with airlines & shipping lines
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