The increase in international trade was triggered by the realization that countries economics benefit by trading with each other and that trade increases the overall wellbeing of the world’s population.

Although the economic crisis of 2008-2009 has had an impact on the overall volume of international trade, this decrease is likely to be temporary. As people standards of living increase worldwide, so do their liabilities to purchase a greater number of goods, and therefore so does international trade.

Professional in international logistics has been the main facilitators of that trade growth. They have been the managers’ responsible for the safe and timely deliveries of millions of dollars’ worth of goods. They are responsible for:
• Arranging transportation of these goods over thousands miles.
• Understanding the trade-offs between the different modes of transportation available and making the right decision.
• Making sure that the goods are packaged properly for their journey.
• Insuring the goods appropriately while in transit and understanding the risks they face.
• Minimizing the risks associated with international payments by selecting the right payment currency or the right hedging strategy.
• Making sure that the goods are accompanied by the proper documents so that they can clear customs in the country of destinations.
• Defining properly who, between them and their foreign counterparts, is responsible for which aspects of the voyage and the documents.
• Determining which method is most suitable for payment between the exporter and the importer.
• Following security measures designed to prevent damage to the goods while they are in transit, and following regulations imposed by the governments of importing countries and international organizations.
• Storing the goods in appropriate warehouses and distribution centers when they are not in transit.

While all of these responsibilities of an international logistics manager and on a more practical level, the international logistics professional should have understanding of particularities of the international business environment. Vertex Express is much willing & powerful to offer the best tailor made solution for each customer, each shipment. It is the right of our customer to think of his mind to act on his behalf to fulfil his dreams. Express.

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