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Our News
13 February 2021

Dredger Machinery

A unique project handled by Vertex Express team work. The target was Exporting 2 dredgers from Port Said West up to Haldia port in India.
The most critical point in the project was to accurately manage between different factors, time of dismantling each dredger within un stable weather, in the meantime assign a surveyor Engineers. Both tasks were obligatory to be done in parallel and accurate time to meet the time of vessel berthing, just having one and half day doing customs formalities.
Warehousing option was applicable with a very tight time to consider the matter of much economic budget.
Vertex team was much keen to keep balance between the different time zones, daily coordination in early time with our partner & consignee in India also keep follow up till midnight with people in Egypt. Achieving success is our target done by a highly professional & enthusiastic team work.

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